STEWART HOPEWELL (creative director)

Stewart specializes in key art for the entertainment industry and has over 10 years of experience ranging from print, web, and motion graphic design to feature film directing and writing.


Clients have included The Refinery Creative, Warner Brothers, FX, Dark Castle, Lionsgate Films, After Dark Films, Four by Two Films, Sacha Baron Cohen, The STARZ! Network, Candy Heart Entertainment, Sand Bar Entertainment, and Screamfest LA.


In 2008, Stewart directed the feature film, SLAUGHTER, a dark thriller for Lionsgate Films and After Dark Films. It was released theatrically across the nation in January 2009 as part of After Dark’s “8 Films To Die For” Horrorfest III. And it was distributed nationally and internationally on DVD in March 2009. It was an international production, shot in Romania, posted in Los Angeles and London with effects work finished in Mumbai, India. Critically acclaimed as a smart, character-driven dark thriller, Slaughter was invited to play at the Tallahassee Film Festival in 2009.

He has also directed the pilot episode of THE PROJECTIONIST, a new series in the vein of “The Twilight Zone.”

In addition, he’s directed short films that have won an Emmy and the ASC Heritage Award for Cinematography and have screened at the Cannes and Sundance film festivals.

MISFORTUNE (super 16mm / thriller) is about a man who receives a cry for help from his waitress while dining at a questionable Chinese restaurant. MISFORTUNE rose through the ranks of Kevin Spacey’s Triggerstreet.com Film Festival and was awarded the top prize at the competition’s screening at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City. Thanks to his success in the festival, Hopewell and his work were featured in the pages of VANITY FAIR.

3AM (35mm / psychological horror) is about a third shift cremation attendant who’s haunted by the vengeful and provocative ghost of a body that’s just arrived in the morgue. 3AM has had wide success as it’s made the festival rounds. It won Best Student Film at Screamfest LA, the prestigious ASC Heritage Award for cinematography, and a Student Emmy for the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences among many other awards. Thanks to its accolades, 3AM was featured in the AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER magazine as an example of cutting edge student work.

Stewart wrote and directed short webisode and new media content for Sam Raimi’s Ghosthouse Pictures andMark Burnett Productions.

Stewart is also attached to direct DESOLATE for Stan Winston Productions and Candy Heart Productions. DESOLATE is a psychological horror about one man’s journey to hell and the evil creatures that lurk in the shadows along the way.

In addition to everything above, Stewart, along with his writing partner Tim Long, have written several feature screenplays, one of which has just been optioned, one of which is in development at a company at Warner Brothers, and one of which is being independently financed and produced in early 2011.

Stewart attained his Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and Art & Art History at the College of William and Mary and a Master of Fine Arts at Florida State University’s Conservatory of Motion Picture Arts.

He is represented by Mike Goldberg and Josh Adler at ROAR (Management), and Brad Rosenfeld at Preferred Artists (Agency).